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Wireless Broadband Internet Services & Lease Line

Our plans start from 30 Mbps to 1 Gbps and all plans are purely unlimited plans and no FUP applicable on our plans. Our service uptime is 99.98% with 24x7 customer support and customer selfcare portal for account management like upgrade of plans or downgrade of plans and online bill payment.plans.png

Note: Before Installation we need your installation location where you want the connection to be installed. You can send the location to our Official WhatsApp support number so that we can get the feasibility report of your location. If the connection is feasible in your location, then within 24 to 48 hours the connection will be commissioned. Our all BTS support max distance of 15 KM and the connection will be given by the nearest BTS.

It's purely wireless broadband service and based on ISM band. All connections are fixed wireless connections and we install our CPE/Wireless Receivers on top of your building and minimum height required for Wireless Receiver installation is 30 feet to 50 feet from where our (BTS) can be visible or line of sight can be established.

Note: For commercial customers LGH and LHG XL to be used if signal levels are week at client's location our LHG and LHG XL supports max 100 Mbps bandwidth. For above 100 Mbps LHG XL AC to be used and installation charges for LHG XL AC is 15500/-

Internet Lease Lines (ILL) for corporates, retail and government. We provide best in class and cost-effective lease line with 99.98% uptime.lease line charges

Now you host your applications on your servers and access them remotely from anywhere in the world, with our (/29 Pool) public IPv4. We can also provide IPv6 also if required by customer.

Please note: We provide IPv4 with all Lease Line plans with 6 usable IP's

For new wireless broadband connection call +91-9491627080