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Who We Are

We are part of RSB GROUP HARYANA, a group established by Late Shri Ram Swarup Budhwar from Vill & PO Sunaria Kalan, Teh & Distt Rohtak Haryana. He is a great personality who deals in agricultural innovations and animals food processing systems during 90’s his group process the animal’s food from Haryana & Punjab to Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujrat.

He also contributed in Village Girls High School for advancement of education to village girls to support them with all basic facilities in village school.

BSB Data & Information Processing Services Private Limited deals in Cloud Solution, Data Centers, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development & Tech Innovations.

See How It Works

Our data centres run’s on open source technology with worlds best open source software’s like Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD and Fedora. We also support Microsoft Windows servers for clients who want to run their applications on windows environment.

Our server supports ARM and Intel x86/x64 hardware to support wide range of operating systems which makes our data centres the future ready as in future the ARM is expanding its wings so application vendors are started to make apps for ARM based processors.

Experience Matters

With 15+ years of experience in industry now it’s time to swim in specialized fields like cloud services, custom software development, web services, etc. While company is growing, we setup 3 data centres in Asia, USA and Europe with worlds best in technology and all latest hardware and software services.

Our company supports opensource technologies to maintain cost effective solutions and best in security like Linux systems are more secure then windows systems.