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Dear Users,

As we all know that Swipe Mobiles Service Centres are shutdown and no services are available for swipe mobiles in market now. They just white labelled chines mobiles and sell in India. The Chinese company who manufactured mobile for Swipe they embedded malware code in all swipe mobiles firmware. So, all Swipe mobiles connected to chines website and download random apps and install in mobiles in background.

We fix the issue by developing a new ROM which works on all Swipe mobiles.

For solution get back to us, below are some snapshots of Swipe Elite Pro….

S00821 01501594    S00821 01503167   S00821 01514501    S00821 01520440    S00821 01525923  S00821 02164022


Hi, due to COVID-19 economy is badly effected and schools and colleges are worst affected. As we know that in classes at least two student’s seats on the same bench so in schools and collages social distancing is not possible.

If schools or collages starts odd or even classes then also it will be resource intensive and syllabus can’t be completed on time.

So, to help schools and colleges in this COVID-19 situation we come up with our Video & Voice Conferencing service specially developed for schools and collages with up to 500 students per virtual classes.

We offer white labelling and cobranding also for the same to suit school or collages branding requirements.

We provide the solution in both option cloud hosted and on-premises.

To get started with our video & voice conferencing please call us at +91-9491627080 or email us at sales[@]


Dear Users,

It’s time to secure your personal computers and mac as hackers are at high raise and they can attack the random systems worldwide.

Malwares and Virus’s like ransomware which encrypt your files and documents and make them useless as you can open those file as they are encrypted with custom digital certificates which are generated by hackers and they only have the decryption keys and they demand huge money to give you decryption key but sometime they even didn’t give it and it became a financial lose.

To avoid these situation a one should always check their email and scan the attachments as hackers send these files in ZIP|RAR\B2Z files once you open these file there are BAT|JS\VBS file which directly executed by windows system script executor and once it is executed your all files become useless.

This is a new technique by the hackers as EXE files are detected in email transmissions but JS|VBS files are easily pass the antivirus filters on email servers.

So let’s have a Avast Internet Security in your PC/MAC