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Business Email Service

Enjoy our advanced email service with protection against phishing and malware, no ads, and other premium features for your business email service.

  • Advanced email security. You get enhanced security tools that help protect your inbox from phishing and malware.
  • Cloud Email Search. Get the fastest email search feature with our cloud search option now you can search any email in your inbox in just 2 seconds even if your inbox size is 100GB plus.
  • Email encryption. Our email service includes encryption and prevent forwarding features that ensure your confidential and personal information you share via email stays encrypted. This is useful when you don’t trust the recipient’s email provider to be secure.
  • Ad-free interface. With our email service you can enjoy an ad-free webmail mailbox. Without ads, you have less distractions and enjoy faster page load times.
  • Larger mailbox storage. You get 100 GB of email storage at your disposal.
  • Premium support. Our mail service includes premium customer support, so if you need to contact our help desk, you'll get our highest level of service.
  • ActiveSync. Get emails, contacts and calendar on your mobile with Microsoft ActiveSync connectivity.
  • File Cloud. Your will get file cloud space to store your important files in your email cloud so no need to carry any storage device or your laptop with you, you can access anytime by just logging in to your account.
  • CalDav / CardDav. Now you can sync your calendar and contacts with Android & Apple devices which supports CalDav or CardDav protocol.
  • Hybrid. You can configure our solution in hybrid / edge mode with your existing email service provider.

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