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Our X Network Wireless Internet Service for Trains and Planesrailway internet service

It’s a service operated by our company with deployment of wireless nodes on railway track sides to provide wireless connectivity at a speed of 380 kmph.

Client X equipment’s provides both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz access to clients on board these wireless access points to be installed in trains coaches.

Network X equipment’s are installed on track sides on electric poles which powers the trains our equipment’s runs on 120 AC/DC and 220 AC/DC power.

Network X equipment’s are based on intra connectivity technology developed by our company to provide connectivity to on board Client X equipment’s as they supports roaming so they are always connected to 2 Network X transceiver as a backup link these equipment’s to be installed on every 5 to 10 kms based on model used by client in their network for line of sight and receiver antenna to be on trains first and last coach.

Our X Network supports data transmission upto 10 Gbps on its core networking and 300 Mbps to 600 Mbps on onboard AP’s 150 Mbps @ 2.4 GHz and upto 600 Mbps on 5.8 Ghz.

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