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DNSBL & RBL Server for ISP and Data Centersrbl check

Most of the Internet Service provider and hosting service providers are facing problem of spam of unwanted email and some malware email which comes with some attachments which spread ransomware now a days every day new IP added to internet registry and people start sending these unwanted email from random IP’s or from their websites and abuse the internet and spread SPAM.

We come with our DNSBL & RBL server now you can block the domains, IPv4 and IPv6 address so that they can’t send you SPAM again as their email straight way rejected with message that your domain or IPv4 or IPv6 is on blacklist due to SPAM originating from your IP or Domain name.

DNSBL & RBL server works with all email servers (MTA) just by adding our rbl, dnsbl lists to your server It also supports whitelists so you can accept the email directly from user defined IP’s and domains and avoid the spam marking to those emails.

This can be installed locally on server or in data centres and get sync feeds from our centralized repository and it comes with Web Based GUI interface where you can manage blacklist and whitelist of IPs, domains and IPv6.

The same service can be offered to your clients to add IP’s of spammers if they don’t want to receive any further email from them.

This service also available as SaaS model for any queries please contact us.