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Dear Users,

It’s time to secure your personal computers and mac as hackers are at high raise and they can attack the random systems worldwide.

Malwares and Virus’s like ransomware which encrypt your files and documents and make them useless as you can open those file as they are encrypted with custom digital certificates which are generated by hackers and they only have the decryption keys and they demand huge money to give you decryption key but sometime they even didn’t give it and it became a financial lose.

To avoid these situation a one should always check their email and scan the attachments as hackers send these files in ZIP|RAR\B2Z files once you open these file there are BAT|JS\VBS file which directly executed by windows system script executor and once it is executed your all files become useless.

This is a new technique by the hackers as EXE files are detected in email transmissions but JS|VBS files are easily pass the antivirus filters on email servers.

So let’s have a Avast Internet Security in your PC/MAC